Noise monitor dashboard – overview

Everyone encounters sound every day. It is only when that sound causes an adverse effect on a listener, such as annoyance, does that sound become noise. And noise is not always just about how loud the sound is, there is a complex set of factors that drive annoyance both based upon the noise itself and what that noise means to us. You can find out more in the following video:

To understand the noise impact on the local community the airport has a number of fixed or temporary noise monitors deployed in the local area, generally under or near flight paths. The monitors detect and send the noise levels every second 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a central system.

This dashboard presents an overview of the data collected by the noise monitors deployed in and around the Gatwick area. If you select a single monitor, more detailed analysis is available.

A more detailed breakdown of for each noise monitor is available in the detailed dashboard.

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